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SEGO Expertise and System

Get access to Global university research and expertise + personal language learning and teaching experience.

Soleil Gakuen English Powered by SEGO includes tools and resources based on university research, personal experience of language learners and teachers. Extra tools and resources have been selected by the team led by Alana Bonzi B.Ed M.A. (T) M.B.A.

SEGO is a private library of online courses, language learning tools and resources, an  interactive community of native speakers and study peers, as well as a network of live tutors and coaches. Face-to-to sessions include private classes and short courses.

SEGO contains  tools with instructions, and progress reports to help you along the way.


Your success depends on how you use those tools. It starts with goal setting--defining what you want to do in that foreign language, deciding what small steps you’re going to do every day, every week, every month, and begin your journey knowing that each small step will get you there, knowing that it won’t be easy but that anything worthwhile rarely is. So will SEGO work for you? Well that depends on one


How do I know that SEGO is for me?

If you’d like to hear and see movies in original  version, not dubbed or translated that you depend on someone else’s interpretation

If you’d like to speak with a native speaker from the beginning  and get over the worry about your accent and not being perfect.

If you’d like to get used to different accents and not have to rely only on your teacher to practise or for feedback .

If you’re willing to create a virtual immersion environment, when you can’t go abroad for  a homestay or before you go on your business trip.

If you’d like to  add these tools and resources to your arsenal of language learning but don’t have the time or expertise to find them yourself.

If you can dare to be different, study what you want  and use what you’ve just learned.

If you are ready to become active in and take responsibility for your own learning.

How long will I take to improve?

The answer is: That depends. It depends  on where you starting from and where you’d like to get.

So at SEGO we help you first to define the goals that you set, get your motivation in gear, define and follow your study, practice and reflection processes reward yourself you succeed and keep on going.  SEGO Learn how to Learn module, feedback and progress reports are available to help when you need.

What do I get as a member of SEGO?

  • Carefully chosen selection of online language learning tools and resources
  • Social learning platforms to practise what you learn right away with native speakers
  • Self study mode so that you learn what you need , what you want, when and where you want
  • Progress reports and error frequency rates
  • Tools to help prepare for  language learning and for exams
  • Job specific language learning resources- business, medical, science, engineering and technology, tourism
  • Activity and Hobby focused language resources: Cooking, Sports, Movies, Games, Travel
  • Invited to seminars and workshops organized by local SEGO partners
  • Real time  Live Human Interaction- A prerequisite for language learning

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