• Funding Flow

  • SEGO Japan Lab Meets Several Challenges

    1. Funding for research

      Typically funding for academic research is is scarce hard to obtain, limited in scope and time consuming.

      SEGO Japan Lab streamlines that process to bring innovation and research to the mainstream and fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship.

    2. Connecting researchers to the community

      SEGO Japan Lab supports specific requests for applied research that include projects with a focus on solutions to real world problems. The Lab allows researchers to work with communities to help identify the problems that they need solving. These Real World Problems  span social environmental and economic themes.

    3. Japanese College Students feel that it’s too late for them to acquire skills to engage in a globalized world

      In a recent survey by Institute for a Global Society Asatsu-DK 55.3 percent of 3rd year college students felt this way

      SEGO Japan Lab supports projects in education (teaching and learning) that offer the opportunity for international exchange.
  • Creating Brand Trust

    Nurturing next generation employees and instills...

    • openness to other cultures
    • respect for diverse views
    • ability to assert own opinions and value those of others

    (Pain point for Japan Business right now)

    Bridging departmental, academic and corporate silos and incubate the next generation ideas and innovation with cross-pollination of ideas

  • For 2013-2014, Funding is Sought For

    SEGO Japan Lab's inaugural project Global Citizenship Project

    1. The development of an online resource library with courses and training.

    2. The participation of 1000 students in the Project.

    3. The creation of an online repertoire to present innovative research partners with the potential to meet real world challenges.

  • Sponsor Benefits, Include:

    1. Own Curriculum unit

    2. Dedicated bilingual page, global reach, automatic translation, and impact assessment/feedback system

    3. Access to Labs

    4. Can request involvement in applied research (each lad director decides level of involvement)

    5. Access to Ideas and Interns

    6. Access to ideas, interns and suggestions for real world challenges — communicate via webinars, seminars about real world projects