Available All Hours
  • Challenge:
    Not Enough Time

    Feel that there is not enough time to study?
    Can’t go to class regularly?


    You can use SEGO when and where you want.   At anytime of the day with only  20 minutes to spare on the train ride home or just after the kids have gone to sleep you can sign in to SEGO and do an English or a French exercise.

  • Challenge:
    Find Learning Materials
    That Suit You

    Don’t know what works for you?
    Don’t know how to study?

    Solution: Each person is different so SEGO includes a comprehensive survey to help you to find the best way to study English and French. Then you can choose the tools and resources that match your needs and learning style.

  • Challenge:
    Staying Motivated

    Without access to native speakers to practice what you learn it’s easy to give up and to think that learning a foreign language is just a pain!

    Solution: Sign in to SEGO talk to your personal online learning network of native speakers, or for extra help book an English or French  class with a teacher in person or online tutor. Make friends, try a different way to learn and measure the progress that you make.

  • Challenge:
    Too Expensive

    You need to control expenses with SEGO.

    Solution: For just a  few pennies a day, your language learning costs are reduced by as much as 30%. And when you need extra help, you can ask native speaking peer, online tutor or book your face to face in person classes at an additional cost with a local SEGO partner.

  • Give Courage to Get Courage

    Help someone struggling to learn your native language and find the courage to continue on your own language journey.